Simplifying affiliate marketing for publishers


is leading-edge affiliate marketing technology for publishers — insightful reporting and analytics and advanced offer management.

Why Ribn

takes the complication out of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be highly-involved, especially if you juggle multiple affiliate networks and develop direct partnerships. Ribn helps by sitting at the center of your affiliate marketing program and provides a single place to manage your offers and report revenue and performance in real-time.

Key Features

Functionality that you didn’t know that you were missing.

Real-time Reporting

A single, unified place for all affiliate performance data such as revenue, clicks and conversions. Pivot by metrics such as device, geographic location and utm or unique tracking ID. Performance anomaly detection out-of-the-box. Get alerted to notable changes in performance of an offer.

Offer Setup Wizard

A guided step-by-step process for onboarding new affiliate relationships that ensures your tracking is configured correctly before you get started promoting an offer.

Offer Creatives

Create calls-to-action in Ribn, and place script tags directly within paragraphs in any CMS. Ribn runs automated tests to determine which calls-to-action work best.

If a campaign ends, or you land a better deal, swap affiliates or offers in a single place. No more laborious page-by-page editing.

Compliance Automation

It’s difficult to keep track of the various rules and guidelines from your affiliates. Ribn automates compliance to ensure you’re always on-side.

Frequency Caps & Geo Limits

Offer only available in 23 states? CPC campaign limited to 50 clicks per day? Not a problem. Automatically redirect or disable links based on click counts or geo.

Bot Detection & Filtering

Automatically screen clicks for invalid traffic and protect your downstream partners.


Automatically insert appropriate legal disclaimers. Send appropriate tracking consent signals where required by your affiliate partnerships.

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